1.Pore ​​sizes: 0.22μm, 0.45μm;
2.Diameter: 13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 90mm, 142mm, 293mm;
3.Width: 260mm;
4.Thicknes:150 – 250μm;
5.Chemical Compatibility: resistant to almost all chemicals.

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Description of Hydrophilic PTFE Filter Membrane:

Hawach hydrophilic PTFE filter membrane has strong chemical compatibility and is capable of filtering almost all organic solvents and strong corrosive chemicals. And the pore ​​sizes are 0.22μm and 0.45μm.

Hawach produces both hydrophobic and hydrophilic PTFE filter membranes. This product is hydrophilic PTFE, and its performance is just opposite to that of hydrophobic PTFE membranes. The hydrophilic PTFE membrane has strong chemical compatibility and is capable of filtering almost all organic solvents and strong corrosive chemicals.

Advantages of  Hawach hydrophilic PTFE filter membranes:

  • Hydrophilic modified membrane, has strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, no adhesives, and additives, and is suitable for sterilization and disinfection in various ways.
  • Hydrophilic PTFE filter membrane, which can replace PES/NY6/PVDF membrane for high-temperature liquid filtration, has excellent biological safety, chemical inertness, low adsorption, and high-temperature resistance. Large flux, high strength, and high temperature does not fall off.
  • It is suitable for filtration of strong acid and strong alkaline solutions, terminal sterilization filtration of liquid medicine, high-temperature liquid filtration, water treatment, and environments where other filtration materials are not competent.
  • And all sizes, like hydrophilic membrane filter 0.45 μm PTFE widely used in the sterilization and turbidity filtration of ultrapure water, pharmaceutical intermediates, high-temperature feed liquids, corrosive liquids, or organic solvents.

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Features of Hawach Hydrophilic PTFE Filter Membrane:

  • Pore ​​size: 0.22μm and membrane filter 0.45 μm PTFE
  • High traffic
  • Low drop
  • Very high solids retention
  • Chemical compatibility of several
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • No volatilization
  • All hydrophilic PTFE filter membranes are tested to USP 23 Class VI
  • Low residue
  • Wide temperature adaptability
  • Passed the bacterial challenge test
  • OEM acceptable

Application areas:

  • All sizes, like hydrophilic membrane filter 0.45 μm PTFE mainly used for flue gas filtration of various industrial furnaces such as chemical industry, iron, and steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, waste incineration, etc.
  • Aqueous organic mixed solution filtration.

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture of hydrophilic PTFE filter membrane

Technical Data

Filter MediaHydrophilic PTFE
Pore Size0.22μm, 0.45μm
Diameter(Disc)13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 90mm, 142mm, 293mm
Bubble Point≥0.13MPa(0.22μm)≥0.07MPa(0.45μm)
Flow Rate @23°C, H2O≥4mL/min/cm2@1 bar(0.22μm)≥16mL/min/cm2@1 bar(0.45μm)
Thicknes150 – 250μm
pH Range1-14
Chemical CompatibilityResistant to almost all chemicals
Maximum Operating Pressure4.2 bar@23°C1.5 bar@85°C

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