1.Filter Media:Hydrophilic Nylon;
2.Pore ​​sizes: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm, 10μm;
3.Diameter: 4mm, 13mm, 25mm, 33mm, 50mm;
4.Housing:Medical PP

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Description of Nylon Syringe Filter:

The nylon syringe filters produced by Hawach with pore sizes 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, etc. The filters are divided into three series: Standard Disposable, Advanced, and Sterile, which are suitable for aqueous filtration, particle removal, etc.

disposable nylon syringe filter non-sterile syringe filter sterile syringe filter

Advantages of Hawach Nylon syringe filters:

  • Nylon syringe filters are used in a wide variety of analytical procedures.
  • The hydrophilic nylon membrane in the medical-grade PP shell is suitable for the filtration of aqueous and organic solvents, such as high-performance liquid phase, gas chromatography sample preparation
  • And impurity removal and filtration before the sample enters HPLC to prevent impurities from clogging the chromatographic column, Filtration products that protect HPLC instruments and extend column life.
  • All sizes, like 0.22 μm nylon syringe filter and 0.45 um nylon syringe filter, are used in conjunction with a syringe and are processing devices commonly used in laboratories to filter small volume samples.
  • It is characterized by large flux, low extractability, and good mechanical strength. The good physical properties of nylon can meet the analytical needs of various test conditions. Hydrophilicity, high protein binding, and high dirt-holding capacity are the natural properties of nylon.
  • The nylon filter membrane is a hydrophilic material that is compatible with a variety of solvents.
  • High mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, and can withstand some organic reagents and most aqueous solutions. Good chemical resistance, suitable for aqueous and organic systems, not resistant to strong acids.

Features of Nylon Syringe Filter:

  • Resistant to strong alkalis and organic liquids, naturally hydrophilic
  • All sizes, like 0.22 μm nylon syringe filter and 0.45 um nylon syringe filter no need to soak before use
  • Uniform pore size
  • Like the PES syringe filter, all of our products are with good mechanical strength
  • Luer interface design
  • Gamma-sterilized nylon syringe filters are individually packaged and do not contain any heat source, DNA


  • Liquid clarification and sterilization and particle filtration
  • Photoresist in the electronic semiconductor industry, filtration of process water
  • Filtration of various solvents and chemicals
  • Suitable for aqueous filtration, particle removal, etc.

Operation guide:

Please refer to the demonstration in Figure 1 to use the syringe filter

Instructions of syringe filter

Technical Data

Filter MediaHydrophilic Nylon
Pore Size0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm, 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10.0μm
Filtration Area0.2cm2 1.3cm24.9cm28.5cm219.8cm2
Maximum Pressure5.2bar5.2bar5.2bar5.2bar5.2bar
Process Volume2mL10mL100mL200mL5000mL
Hold-up Volume< 10μL< 50μL< 100μL< 200μL< 350μL
InletFemale Luer LockFemale Luer LockFemale Luer LockFemale Luer Lock Both inlet and outlet are 7-13mm stepped hose barb connection with 6:100 Luer slip
OutletMale Luer slip
Flow DirectionFlow should enter from the inletBoth are fine
HousingMedical PP
Maximum Operating Temperature60°C
SterilizationNon-sterile or Gamma Irradiation
Endotoxin≦0.25 EU/ML

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