1. Filter Media: Hydrophilic Mixed Cellulose Ester
2. Pore ​​sizes: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm.
3. Diameter: 4mm, 13mm, 25mm, 33mm, 50mm.
4. Housing: Medical PP

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Description of MCE Syringe Filter:

Hawach mixed cellulose ester(MCE) syringe filter is made of medical-grade polypropylene (PP) material with high mechanical strength and good chemical compatibility. And pore ​​sizes have 0.1μm, 0.22μm, etc, which with the most advanced methods and design features.

non-sterile syringe filter sterile syringe filter

Features of Hawach MCE Syringe Filter:

  • The aperture range is from 0.1μm to 5μm;
    The diameter is 4mm/13mm/25mm/33mm/50mm, etc.
  • Hydrophilic syringe filter, and has fair chemical and temperature resistance
  • Has a higher protein binding capacity than CA syringe filters and cannot be used for protein extraction
  • PP or GF pre-filtering
  • Like the PES syringe filter, all of the products with gamma sterilized or Non-sterile
  • Use for clarifying or sterilizing aqueous solutions
  • High throughput, the low protein adsorption material
  • It has the characteristics of strict pore size distribution and a high flow rate.
  • The filter membrane material of the MCE syringe filter is a mixed cellulose ester membrane, which is composed of cellulose acetate and nitrocellulose, and the surface is more smooth and more uniform.
  • Natural hydrophilic, most suitable for filtration of water-based solvents, not resistant to strong acid, strong alkali solution, and most organic solvents.
  • It has the characteristics of large water flux, high porosity, good interception effect, low protein adsorption, etc.
  • HAWACH also offers MCE syringe filters with pre-filter membranes that remove particulate impurities while preventing sticky impurities from clogging the filter. The pre-filtration membrane is made of chemically inert material GF/PP, which is resistant to most solvents.


  • Suitable for rapid sterile filtration of media, buffers, and other aqueous solutions.
  • It is used for particle filtration removal, tissue culture, biochemical analysis filtration, sample preparation, and solvent filtration commonly used in HPLC.

Operation guide:

Please refer to the demonstration in Figure 1 to use the syringe filter

Instructions of syringe filter

Technical Data

Filter MediaHydrophilic Mixed Cellulose Ester
Pore Size0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm
Filtration Area0.2cm2 1.3cm24.9cm28.5cm219.8cm2
Maximum Pressure5.2bar5.2bar5.2bar5.2bar5.2bar
Process Volume2mL10mL100mL200mL5000mL
Hold-up Volume< 10μL< 50μL< 100μL< 200μL< 350μL
InletFemale Luer LockFemale Luer LockFemale Luer LockFemale Luer Lock Both inlet and outlet are 7-13mm stepped hose barb connection with 6:100 Luer slip
OutletMale Luer slip
Flow DirectionFlow should enter from the inletBoth are fine
HousingMedical PP
Maximum Operating Temperature60°C
SterilizationNon-sterile or Gamma Irradiation
Endotoxin≦0.25 EU/ML

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