1.Pore ​​sizes: 0.22μm, 0.45μm;
2.Diameter: 13mm, 25mm;
3.Filtration Area:1.3cm2,4.9cm2;


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Description of Hydrophilic PVDF Syringe Filter:

Hawach polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) syringe filter is hydrophilic, and the pore ​​size is 0.22μm and 0.45μm, which is suitable for chemically corrosive organic solvents, extremely low protein adsorption, and can filter moisture from air and gas. The polyvinylidene fluoride film is laminated on the support mesh, which has strong strength and operability and can withstand high temperatures.

Hawach supplies syringe filters of hydrophobic PVDF and hydrophilic PVDF. This hydrophilic PVDF syringe filter sterile can be used for protein because of its superior low protein adsorption performance (the protein adsorption is much smaller than that of nitrocellulose, nylon syringe filter, and PTFE syringe filter).

disposable 0.22 hydrophilic pvdf syringe filter disposable 0.45 hydrophilic pvdf syringe filter

Features of Hawach Hydrophilic PVDF Syringe Filter:

  • Diameter: 13mm, 25mm
  • Pore ​​size: 0.22μm, 0.45μm
  • All sizes, like 0.45 um PVDF syringe filter with very low protein adsorption, also has an ultra-high water flow rate and filling rate.
  • The protein binding rate of PVDF membrane is far less than that of nitrocellulose, the extract of low UV absorption, and the non-specific binding of low protein.


  • An economical syringe filter that is an excellent value choice for routine sample filtration pretreatment, helping to meet your analytical needs and demands for speed and reproducibility of analytical quality during chromatographic analysis.
  • Hydrophilic PVDF syringe filter sterile is widely used in sterilization filtration in biopharmaceuticals due to its low protein adsorption and few precipitates.
  • Can be used in HPLC analysis and IC analysis.
  • Sterilization and particle removal filtration of liquids such as solutions, tissue culture media, antibiotics, ethanol;
  • All sizes, like 0.45 um PVDF syringe filter also for applications such as biological testing (eg receptor binding studies, TCA precipitation).

Operation guide:

Please refer to the demonstration in Figure 1 to use the syringe filter

Instructions of syringe filter

Technical Data

Filter MediaHydrophilic PVDF
Pore Size0.22μm, 0.45μm
Filtration Area 1.3cm24.9cm2
Maximum Pressure5.2bar5.2bar
Process Volume10mL100mL
Hold-up Volume< 50μL< 100μL
InletFemale Luer LockFemale Luer Lock
OutletMale Luer slipMale Luer slip
Flow DirectionFlow should enter from the inletFlow should enter from the inlet
HousingMedical PP
Maximum Operating Temperature60°C

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