What Is Nylon Membrane Filter

What is nylon membrane filter? Nylon filter membrane refers to the material is aliphatic nylon, which is made of nylon and high-strength impregnated polyester fiber mesh, which has good hydrophilicity and resistance to acid and alkali of appropriate concentration. The following will introduce the knowledge points about nylon filter membrane. If you want to know more, please see the following:

What Is Nylon Membrane Filter

  • nylon filter membrane discThe nylon membrane is one of the most widely used microporous membranes. It has excellent filtration performance and belongs to the terminal filtration membrane.
  • It is a durable, tough membrane that is not prone to tearing or curling, it has exceptionally high strength and is also very easy to handle.
  • The special process adopted by Hawach enables the nylon membrane produced by us to maximize the filtration flow rate while ensuring the strength of the filter membrane.
  • It is heat resistant and autoclavable friendly, being autoclavable at 135°C.
  • High-quality nylon membranes are free of wetting agents, which will not cause contamination of solution samples.
  • The nylon filter membrane is a good hydrophilic filter membrane, so there is no need to pre-wet it when using it, and it is compatible with aqueous and alcohol solutions.
  • They have strong adsorption, high dirt-loading capacity, and high protein binding capacity. They are not suitable for filtration of medium, or filtration of biological samples such as protein solutions in biological experiments, especially not suitable for protein recovery to avoid adsorption. cause sample loss.
  • Hydrophilic nylon has a wide range of chemical compatibility, and this good chemical stability makes it meet the filtration needs of aqueous solutions and most organic solvents.

Nylon Membrane Application:

After introducing Nylon membrane, let’s talk about some of the ways in which it can be used:

  • High-quality and reliable nylon filter membranes are widely used in the chemical industry, mainly for chemical product filtration, and can filter aqueous solutions and most mild organic solvents.
  • It can also be used in food and beverage filtration, and can also be used in the preparation of the brewing industry and the removal of impurities and odors.
  • It can remove particulate matter, bacteria and impurities, and has excellent performance in liquid clarification and sterilization. It will be very reliable for medical testing and drug filtration.
  • Nylon membranes are also widely used in HPLC sample preparation to accomplish filtration.
  • For filter sterilization of biological samples and buffer solutions, vacuum degassing and tissue culture.
  • It is suitable for filtration of most aqueous systems, alcohols, alcohols, alkaline solutions, HPLC solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons and THF samples, and can handle suspended solids and large colloids. However, it is not resistant to acids and is not suitable for filtering corrosive solvents and strong acid solutions such as strong polar halogenated hydrocarbons.
  • Filtration of protein samples is also not suitable due to the high protein binding capacity of the membrane itself.
  • Nylon filter membrane can also be used for terminal filtration of ink.
  • It is usually used for sterile filtration of microbiological laboratory samples, which can filter micron-sized particles.

Now you should have a basic answer to this question! Nylon film should be stored in a dry and clean place, because the product has a strong electrostatic charge and is very easy to absorb dust in the air. Nylon membranes are generally available in a variety of pore sizes on the market to meet various needs. If you happen to need to purchase reliable nylon membranes, you can try Hawach’s high-quality nylon membranes made of high-quality German raw materials for a small amount, and we also provide OEM Serve. Hope to start our long-term cooperation from here.