Brief introduction about filter membrane:

PVDF filter membrane 0.22 Hydrophilic PTFE filter membrane

What is the membrane filter:

  • According to the characteristics of the target to be filtered, selected filter membranes from different materials and different specifications.
  • Generally, divided into mixed cellulose membrane, nylon membrane, PTFE membrane, PVDF filter membrane, nitrocellulose ester membrane, acetic acid Cellulose ester membranes, glass fiber membranes, polyethersulfone membranes, polypropylene filter membrane, polycarbonate membranes, and inorganic membranes.
  • There are many ways to use Filter Membranes, most of which are for conjunction with filters or funnels, etc.
  • It depends on what type of filter membrane you use. The commonly used filter membrane is generally a disc membrane, such as a 25mm disc microporous membrane, which can be used with a syringe filter connected to a syringe.

How to use membrane filters:

  • The first is the selection of membrane filters. According to the solvent to be filtered, select the appropriate material and specification of the filter membrane to open the package in the clean area.
  • For example, if filtered the solvent is a strong acid or a strong base, used PTFE microporous membrane.
  • Check the selected membrane filter. After selecting the filter membrane, carefully check the filter membrane for pores, cracks, and foreign matter on the membrane.
  • Due to the improvement of the manufacturing process of the membrane filter, the quality of the current membrane filter, whether it is domestic or imported, is relatively good, and the above situation will not occur.
  • Immersion of the membrane filter. Rinse with distilled water several times before the membrane filter, and soak it in water for injection for a day, so that the membrane filter can achieve the best effect.

Classification and application of microporous membrane filter:

  • Filter membranes are also divided into water membranes and organic membranes.
  • The appropriate membrane should be selected according to the properties of the filtered liquid before use. If the water filter membrane is used with the organic phase filter membrane, the liquid cannot be filtered through suction, and if the water filter membrane is used for the organic membrane, the filter membrane will dissolve.
  • The filter has both sides, the more reflective side is the front, and the less reflective side is the reverse.
  • 45 um membrane filter: one is a circular membrane, called a microporous membrane, which is generally used to filter fluids. The other is connected to the syringe, and there is also a small filter membrane, which is mainly used to filter the injection.