As we all know, MCE gridded filter membranes is a standard ordinary membrane with good performance, good hydrophilicity, and high-cost performance. Actually, it has more advantages, the following is a brief introduction to this MCE gridded membrane.

Brief introduction:

Sterile MCE Gridded Filter Membrane mce gridded membrane filter

Feature of MCE gridded filter membranes:

  • The pore size is relatively uniform, the porosity is high, there is no medium shedding, the texture is thin, the resistance is small, and the flow rate is fast
  • And the used price is low, but it is not resistant to organic solutions and strong acid and strong alkali solutions.
  • Has good pore-forming performance and good hydrophilicity, which is most suitable for the interception and growth of microorganisms, and the microbial resurrection rate is >90%;
  • Mixed cellulose ester (MCE) membrane has a relatively uniform pore size, high porosity, no medium shedding, low resistance, and a fast flow rate
  • Use directly to save sterilization time and avoid secondary pollution during operation;
  • And together with the automatic filter, the continuous membrane is more convenient to use.
  • Gamma-ray sterilization, each batch of products entrusts a third-party testing organization to conduct sterility testing.
  • High porosity, good interception effect
  • The MCE gridded membrane has grid lines, which is easy to identify and count colonies, and does not affect the growth of colonies;
  • Not resistant to organic liquids and strong acid and alkali solutions
  • High-cost performance

Applications of  MCE gridded filter membranes:

0.45um MCE Gridded Filter Membrane

  • Filtration for sterilization and particle removal in experiments and small production processes, belonging to laboratory consumables
  • Determination of coliform bacteria in water
  • 2-micron and 5-micron membranes are also for oil filtration
  • The uniform microporous structure of the membrane increases the filtration rate and has low protein adsorption characteristics
  • Air monitoring and microbial analysis
  • And used for routine filter sterilization and contamination analysis in laboratories
  • In addition, suitable for aqueous solution, not resistant to acid, alkali, and organic solvent
  • The pharmaceutical industry needs to autoclave water needles and large infusions to filter out particles;
  • And used in the analysis and determination of substances and the determination of water pollution index;
  • It can also be used in scientific research departments such as somatic cell hybridization, mitochondrial complementarity prediction, and hybrid advantage research.
  • Sterilization and particle removal in the laboratory and small-scale tests
  • Sterile filtration of culture media and culture solutions; Determination of bacterial flora in water.
  • And also for the sterilization of heat-sensitive drugs (insulin ATP, coenzyme A, and other biochemical preparations)