MCE gridded filter membrane in Hawach company is made of mixed cellulose ester with a high-contrast grid for easy identification and counting. It is suitable for the sampling and monitoring of particles and fibers in the gas.

Sterile MCE Gridded Filter Membrane

Brief introduction of HAWACH MCE Gridded Filter Membrane:

  • Thicknes:85 – 100μm
  • pore size : 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm
  • Diameters:47mm, 50mm
  • pH Range: 3.5 – 8
  • The MCE gridded membrane has a high internal surface area porosity for better product adsorption.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Ideal for aqueous-based samples
  • They are naturally hydrophilic, biologically inert, and have good thermal stability up to 90 °C.


mce gridded membrane filter

  • Extremely uniform membrane pores
  • A variety of apertures to meet different needs
  • And with low biosorption
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Wide range of sizes and accuracies
  • White background with black or green grid
  • And made of pure MCE material, with no support
  • Extremely uniform aperture with low background
  • It is a porous membrane filter material made of refined nitrocellulose, adding the appropriate amount of cellulose acetate, acetone, n-butanol, ethanol, etc.
  • It has a smooth surface, light and thin texture, high porosity, uniform microporous structure, and fast flow rate
  • And not easy Adsorption and other characteristics.
  • These membrane filters offer distinct advantages, including ease of handling, lower risk of accidental membrane contamination, less care
  • And skill required to aseptically separate the membrane from the package, and reduced testing time.

Usage of MCE Gridded Filter Membrane:

0.45um MCE Gridded Filter Membrane

  • Pharmaceutical industry: used for water injection, large infusion solution, pre-crystallization particle, bacterial filtration, vaccine serum, tissue culture, etc.
  • Electronics industry: used for air purification of semiconductor devices and integrated circuit workshops, preparation of high-purity water for washing, and purification of solvents, etc.
  • Daily chemical industry: used for particulate filtration of oil-containing solutions in daily cosmetics.
  • Public health: used for drinking water filtration, bacterial filtration inspection of river pond water quality, and dust particle filtration inspection in working areas.
  • Food industry: sterilization of beverages, juices, wines, oils, etc.
  • And used for sterility inspection – membrane filtration method and analysis and determination in other scientific research.
  • Used for colony counting, particle testing, and microscopy.
  • White membranes with black grids are available in individual sleeves or in strips of 100 for use with standard auto-feed equipment.
  • In addition, sterile black membrane filters with white grids are also available individually wrapped.
  • And widely used membranes for analytical and research applications. Especially suitable for aqueous solutions. This membrane is also commonly used in contamination testing.